Nørlev Strand near Hjørring (Dec 2023)

December 22 (Friday): our 12:30h flight to Aalborg was cancelled due to bad weather. We were rebooked to the early 08:30h flight. Therefor we had plenty of time to visit Lindholm Høje, the viking burial ground near Aalborg. After grocery shopping, arrival and unpacking we walked to Nørlev strand. 
December 23 (Saturday): Very nice day, cold but sunny, so we visited many sights.
– Rubjerg Knude Fyr (1900). Rubjerg Knude is a lighthouse that is moved 70 meters inland in 2019 as it was risked to collaps into the sea, due to coastal erosion and shifting sands.
– Råbjerg Mile, the largest moving dune in Northern Europe. 
– Grenen beach where Kattegat and Skagerrak waters collide.
December 24 (Sunday): Rainy day! Visit to Hirsthals lighthouse and dune area in front of the lighthouse.
December 25 (Monday): Sunny, but stormy weather (wind Beaufort 9 or 10)!
– Visit to Løkken bunker strand that is part of the Atlantikwall. The coastal battery was operated by the Germans in WW2. It is now collapsing into the sea. Due to sandblasting and crashing waves we were unable to stay long.
– Retry Hirtshals lighthouse in sunny, but stormy weather.
– Hirtshals harbor was spectacular due to tons of flying foam created by the storm.
December 26 (Tuesday): Walk on Grenen beach, and bunker area. We tried to find seals, but they were not present.
December 27 (Wednesday): walk to Den tilsandede Kirke. This is a sand covered curch that was abandoned when the Danish people were fed up with excavating the church before each Sunday service.
December 28 (Thursday): Walk on beach of Bulbjerg Klint. Bulbjerg is the highest cliff in Denmark and a well known area for bird viewing.
December 29 (Friday): return home

Red deer rut in Dyrehaven (Sept 2010)

September 10 (Friday): Kronborg castle and stronghold in Helsingør.
September 11 (Saturday): During the day: Møns Klint, 70 million-year-old chalk cliffs; in the evening visit to Jægersborg Dyrehave, a deer park with red deer and fallow deer.
September 12 (Sunday): Expore the city during the day; visit to Jægersborg Dyrehave in the evening
September 13 (Monday): Frederiksborg Castle during the day; visit to Jægersborg Dyrehave in the evening