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Weekend and day trips 2023

Day trips

– Amsterdamse bos (Noord Holland)
– Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Noord- & Zuid Holland)
– National Park Lauwersmeer (Groningen/Friesland)
– Polder Groot-Mijdrecht near Waverveen (Utrecht)
– Schinkelbos (Noord Holland)
– Veluwe National Park (Gelderland)
– IJmuiden beach and pier (Noord Holland)
– Zuid-Kennemerland National Park (Noord Holland)

Natuurpark Suyderoogh (Groningen) 7-11 April 2023

– Hiking Lauwersmeer National Park (each day)

Summer 2022: Veluwe and Lauwersmeer

Things done during visits:

During stay in Toppark Landgoed de Scheleberg in Lunteren (villa 535)
– Veluwe National Park
– National Park de Veluwe zoom
– Kootwijkerzand
– Wekeromse zand

During stay in Baayvilla in Lauwersoog (villa 4)
– Lauwersmeer National park
– Daytrip to Schiermonnikoog and Schiermonnikoog National Park

September 2022

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Spring break 2022: Weerribben (Overrijssel)

Stay from Friday April 8th until Friday April 15th 2022 in Waterstaete Ossenzijl (Overrijssel)

– Boating, biking, walking in Weerribben National Park
– Meenthebrug Bird watching hut
– Biking to Muggenbeet and Blokzijl

April 8 – April 15, 2022

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Winter break 2022: Hof van Salland (Overijssel)

Stay: from Friday, January 28th until Friday, February 4th 2022
In the very luxury Beukelaer XL Wellness 6 persons villa in Hof van Salland resort
It was a very rainy week!

– Walks Sallandse Heuvelrug
– Walks Lemeerberg
– Walks around the resort
– Enjoy the birds and red squirrels around the villa

January 28 – February 4, 2022

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Summer break 2021: week in Weerribben National Park (Overijssel)

July 2, Friday: Check-in Roompot Waterstaete Ossenzijl, bike tour to Meentebrug, via Kalenberg, back to Ossenzijl.
July 3, Saturday: Boating Weerribben.
July 4, Sunday: Biking to small towns of Blokzijl, Nederland and Muggenbeet
July 5, Monday: Blokzijl again, with the car due to rainy weather. Boating in Weerribben National Park, return in pooring rain.
July 6, Tuesday: Watching barn swallows in Meentebrug bird watching hut, while sitting out a rain shower.
July 7, Wednesday: boating, biking and walking. Visit to Rottige Meente bird watching hut. Not much to see due to the wind.
July 8, Thursday: Boating, and evening safari by boat
July 9, Friday: Return home, visit to old town of Lemmer.

July 2- July 9, 2021

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Spring break 2021: week in Weerribben National Park

April 16, Friday: Check-in Roompot Waterstaete Ossenzijl. Evening walk on Nature trail
April 17, Saturday: Walk on “Wandenpad” in Weerribben national park. Found some storks building nests.
April 18, Sunday: boating in the Weerribben, whole day
April 19, Monday: great walk in the park, visit to the bird watching hut “Meenthebrug”
April 20, Tuesday: nicest day of the week, so whole day boating in the park
April 21, Wednesday: Visit to the famous village of Giethoorn. Afternoon walk “Hamspad”. Very cold and windy day
April 22, Thursday: Beautiful walk in Rottige Meente (Friesland)
April 23, Friday: Time to go home. But not after visiting the tulip fields in Noordoostpolder and the quaint village of Urk.

April 16 – April 23, 2021

Weekend- and day trips 2021

Day trips

– Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Noord- & Zuid Holland)
– Amsterdam Forest (Noord Holland)
– IJmuiden Beach (Noord Holland)
– Haarlem, de Liede (Noord Holland)
– Zaanse Schans (Noord Holland)
– Polder Groot-Mijdrecht near Waverveen (Utrecht)
– Lemelerberg (Overijssel)
– Vlinders aan de Vliet (Zuid Holland)
– Veluwe National Park (Gelderland)
– Oostvaardersplassen (Flevoland)

Weekend Hof van Salland (Overijssel) 11-16 February, 2021

February 11, Thursday: Check-in Hof van Salland resort in Hellendoorn (Overijssel), and short walk on the premises
February 12, Friday: Lots of sunshine and snow. Liberation walk in Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. Night photography tryout close to the resort.
February 13, Saturday: Beautiful sunny day with lots of snow. Walk in Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. Evening and night photography close to the resort.
February 14, Sunday: Family visit; walk in Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park, section Holterberg.
February 15, Monday: Rainy day, no activities. Enjoy the cabin, sauna and sun/infra red shower.
February 16, Tuesday: Walk in Lemelerberg. Return trip home

Spring break 2020: Exploring the Netherlands

Due to a volcanic eruption in the Philippines and the the Corona virus, both the original and fall back holiday plans were cancelled. This meant we had to find an alternative for our time off from work. We enjoyed our holidays while exploring the Netherlands, taking care to practice social distancing.
Day 1 (Saturday, March 21): Visit flower fields in Noord Holland
Day 2 (Sunday, March 22): Visit flower fields in the Bollenstreek (Zuid Holland)
Day 3 (Monday, March 23 ): Walk in Oostvaardersplassen, viewing horses and birds (Flevoland)
Day 4 (Tuesday, March 24): Cherry blossoms in the Amsterdams Forest (Noord Holland)
Day 5 (Wednesday, March 25): Marken, walk around the island (Noord Holland)
Day 6 (Thursday, March 26): Walk in Haarlemmerliede and Spoonbill nesting area, near Haarlem (Noord Holland)
Day 6 (Friday, March 27): Walk in Helderse duinen, close to Den Helder (Noord Holland)
Day 7/8 (Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29): Stay at home due to Corona regulations
Day 9 (Monday, March 30): Walk on IJmuiden pier (Noord Holland)
Day 10 (Tuesday, March 31): Walk on the beach from IJmuiden to Bloemendaal and back (Noord Holland)
Day 11 (Wednesday, April 1): Vlissingen beach (Zeeland)
Day 12 (Thursday, April 2): Bike tour Schiphol, view parked aircraft due to Corona lock-down (Noord Holland)
Day 13 (Friday, April 3): Walk in Westkapelle and on beach of Dishoek (Zeeland)
Day 14 (Saturday, April 4): Bike tour to Spoonbill nesting area in Haarlemmerliede (Noord Holland)
Day 15 (Sunday, April 5): Blooming flowers in the Bollenstreek (Zuid Holland)
Day 16 (Monday, April 6): Visit flowers and windmills (Noord Holland)
Day 17 (Tuesday, April 7): Walk from IJmuiden to Bloemendaal and back, and IJmuiden Pier (Noord Holland)
Day 18 (Wednesday, April 8): Visit Vlissingen (Zeeland) and Ouddorp Lighthouse (Zuide Holland)
Day 19 (Thursday, April 9): Den Helder coastal walk, tulips and windmills (Noord Holland)

March 21, 2020 – April 9, 2020

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Provinces visited during Spring break (NL, 2020)

Weekend- and day trips 2020

Day trips

– Windmills of Kinderdijk (Zuid Holland)
– Beach and flowers between Callantsoog and Den Helder (Noord Holland)
– Regular visits to IJmuiden beach and pier (Noord Holland)
– Palendorp monument at Petten beach (Noord Holland)
– E-Boat rental: day trip to Eilandspolder (Noord Holland)
– Walks in Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Noord- and Zuid Holland)
– Butterfly garden “Vlinders aan de Vliet” (Zuid Holland)
– Amsterdam Forest (Noord Holland)
– Kroondomein “Het Loo” (Gelderland)
– Hoge Veluwe National Park (Gelderland)

Weekend Westkapelle (Walcheren) 15-17 May, 2020

May 15, Friday: check-in Fletcher Hotel Zuiderduin in Westkappelle, which is almost directly on the beach. In the afternoon we explored the nearby beach. Sunset on Westkapelle Beach
May 16, Saturday: We enjoyed our first ever E-bike rental. Bikes are available at the hotel. We biked a 55 km and visited some of Walcheren’s highlights: Westkapelle (lighthouses) – Domburg (beach) – Oostkapelle -(Westhoven castle), Serooskerke – Veere (old town center, marina and windmill) – Middelburg (old city center) – Vlissingen (old town center) – Zoutelande (bustling beach town) – Westkapelle.
May 17, Sunday: walk on the beach and dunes, from hotel in Westkapelle to Dishoek and back. In the afternoon: return home.

Weekend Kroondomein Het Loo (Veluwe) 29-31 August, 2020

August 29, Saturday: Walk “Rolllekoot” (6 km), very nice walk along forest and heathland, walk near Gortel and Epe. Home to a lot of wild boar. Sleep in Hotel Dennenheuvel, Epe.
August 30, Sunday: Walk Tongerense Heide (5 km) in the rain – met with a herd of sheep – another walk near Gortel. After check-in in hotel, a small walk in pooring rain in Kroondomein Aardhuis. The area is home to a herd of red deer. Sleep in hotel “de Echoput”, Hoog Soeren.
August 31, Monday: Return home