New Brunswick Locations

Things to do in New Brunswick in alphabetical order, click topic to view details


Cape Enrage (2018)

This was the only lighthouse for which an entrance fee had to be paid. And quite a lot too: 8 dollar per person. And it was totally not worth it. Ther is a zip-line, for the rest: not interesting.

Fundy National Park (2018)

This park offers beaches and forests. After seeing Hopewell rocks we expected structures like that. These are not in Fundy, so it was a bit disappointing. Nearby Alma is nice to visit.

Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park (2018)

Hopewell Rocks are famous. During low tide, a walk between the pinnacles is possible. During hight tide the beach is flooded. The area is very busy, but very special to visit.

Kouchibouguac National Park (2018)

This park is probably very nice to visit, but it was lousy weather when we were visiting. It rained the whole day. We tried to see as much as possible, hopefully it will be better a next time.