Nova Scotia Locations​

Things to do in Nova Scotia in alphabetical order, click topic to view details


Bay of Fundy - Minas Basin

Blomidon Provincial park (2018) is located on Cape Blomidon on the shores of the Minas Basin in Nova Scotia. The stairs to the hike on the beach was damaged and closed. In an adventurous mood, we ignored the signs and did a walk on the beach.|
Burntcoat head Provincial Park (2018): In the Bay of Fundy there is a big difference between high- and low tide, this can be up to 16 meters. On several locations on the shore pinnacle rock formation with trees on top can be found. Locally these are called “Flower Pots”. At low tide it is possible to walk to these pinnacles. The times when the ocean floor is accessible are published in the parks and on the Internet.
Cape Chignecto Park & Spicers Cove (2018) can be reached via a very long and well accessible dirt road. In the hike a trail leads to several view points. One of them is the 3 sisters, 3 rocks in the sea. We loved the walk on Spicers cove a lot better. The hike ends near the rocks which include an arch.
Five Island provincial park  (2018) was a surprise. The parking gives direct access to the bay. The location “the Old Wife” a big black rock to the left, is a place that only can be passed around low tide. The visitor center gives instruction to be safe on the beach.We decided to hike to a place called “Read head” and “Pink Cliffs”. Between “Old Wife” and “Pink Cliffs” was a rocky area that slowed us down considerably on the return trip. We just made it back in time. 
Medford Beach – Kingsport (2018): Medford Beach, loacally known as Paddy Island, has a rocky coast and several arches. Direct access to the area is not possible, because all adjacent land is private proverty and trespassing is not allowed. From Kingsport we found a place to start a hike of about 4 kilometer to the area. This had to be carefully planned with the tides. Most parts of the ocean floor was hard enough to walk on, only some parts were extremely muddy. This was an absolute high light of the holiday!

Brier Island and Long Island (2018)

To reach Brier Island two ferry crossings are needed: between Digby Neck and Long Island, and between Long Island and Brier Island.
On Long Island the famous “Balancing rock” can be visited via a short trail.
On Brier Island several bays can be visited with basalt rocks and light houses. There are many birds, and in some places seals can be spotted.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park (2018)

Cape Breton highlands in one of the national parks of Canada. Several nice walks lead up to viewpoints and beaches. There is a good opportunity to see moose.

Halifax - Canada Day 2018

July 1st is Canada Day. For Canadians this is a national holiday. There is a lot to do in Halifax, loads of people are crowding the streets. The fireworks were in Dartmouth Harbor, which we of course visited.

Historic sites

Anapolis Royal & Fort Anne (2018): It was on our way…. Fort Anne is not more than the building on the photo, a museum and a grassy area which walls of an old fort.
Fort Edward & Grand Pre Historic Sites (2018):
It was on our way…. Fort Anne is not more than the building on the photo, a museum and a grassy area which walls of an old fort.Both locations remember the “Acadie”. The Acadie have developed Nova Scotia by buidling agricultural land and dikes. Nova Scotia florished at that time. During the war between French and English, the Acadie were stuck in the middle, they were originally French, but officially neutral. Both sites remember the Acadie.
Louisburg Frotress National Historic Site & Lighthouse (2018):
The historic buildings are a replica of the original French fortress from the 18th century. Everything is very well copied. All sites are accessible  and volunteers dressed in periodic clothing answer all your questions.

Halls Harbor (2018)

Halls Harbor is a very small fishing village on the Bay of Fundy. At low tide boats are stranded.

Kejimkujik National Park - Sea Annex (2018)

Lunenberg - Blue Rocks - Mahone Bay (2018)

Lunenburg (2018) is a historic town on the Lunenburg Peninsula. The town is a Unesco world heritage. Close to Lunenberg are 2 small fishing villages: Blue Rocks and Stonehurst.
Mahone Bay:
Manhone Bay is famous for it’s reflection of 4 churches in the bay.

Peggy's Cove (2018)

Peggy’s Cove (2018): The icon of Nova Scotia is the lighthouse of Peggy’s Cove. The lighthouse is build on a rocky outcrop. It is extremely busy, loads of tourists arrive by touring car.

Yarmouth (2018)

In Yarmouth is a lighthouse that is very different from the rest of Nova Scotia. It is the Cape Forchu Lightstation. On the grounds around the lighthouse some attractions for children have been set up.