Colorado Locations

Things to do in Colorado in alphabetical order, click topic to view details


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (2017)

The Gunison river has carved a deep canyon into black granite rocks. The green river in the deep is in large contrast with the surrounding black marbled rocks. On the Rim-road several short trails give access to the viewpoints. The park has a very hight elevation, in April 2017 there was still some snow.

Canyon Pintado (2017)

Canyon Pintado has a great many locations with pictographs (drawings on the rocks) and Petroglyphs (drawings carved into the rocks). The best known is the Kokopelli.

Colorado National Monument (2017)

Not a real highlight, but nice to visit. The red rocks and pine trees are the main attractions.

Four Corners Monument (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah) (2013)

There is only 1 place in the US where 4 states connect to each other. The states are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Four Corners is on Navajo land, it the monument is exploited by them. There are many souvenir shops in which local jewelery can be bought.

Mesa Verde National Park (2013)

In Mesa Verde many cliff dwellings of first nation people can be seen. Whole cities have been build into the rocks. Cliff Palace and Balcony House can be visited on a guided tour. The Spruce Tree House is “self guided”. Other dwellings can only be seen from the distance.