Florida Locations

Things to do in Florida in alphabetic order, click topic to view details


Big Cypress National Preserve (2013)

Big Cypress is a fresh water swamp, bordering the Everglades. The swamp houses tropical and moderate climate plant eco-systems in which many animals live. On one of the board walks some alligators can be spotted.

Cape Canaveral (2008, 2013)

Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral has been the launching and landing place of the space shuttle.
Canaveral National Seashore is a beach. At the time of visit, there was not much going on.

Castillo de San Marcos (2013)

The fort is close to St. Augustine in north Florida. Building started in 1672. Both the building and many cannons can be visited.

Crystal River - Kings Bay (2013)

In the Kings Bay of Crystal river many manatees live. They spend the winter in the warms springs of Florida. In Crystal River (Three sisters-, Kings- and Hunters Spring) it is allowed to dive and snorkel with manatees. We love Three sisters spring best to snorkle, the water is very clear. Recently (2016) we found reports that the majority of this area is closed.

Everglades National Park (2013)

Everglades house rare alligators, birds, manatees and ougars. It is a wetland with immense grass lands and swamps. It is the biggest sub-tropical wilderness in the US. 2 trails are our favorites: the Anhinga trail (birds), and the trail starting at the Shark Valley entrance (alligaors with babies)

Fort Zachary Tailor Historic State Park (2013)

The fort is build in mid 1800, as part of a coastal protection project. The fort was important during the Civil War and the Spanish-American war. The building was finished in 1866. It is located on the shore, in the centre of Key West.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (2013)

This is a zoo with local animals from Florida and the US. Most animals have been injured and are unable to fend for themselves, so they cannot be put back in the wild. This is not one of our favorites.

Key West (2013)​

Key West is a circus! It is still popular with hippies: celebrate the sunset is one of the main attractions. Parking is almost impossible, better to rent a bike or walk to the city center (Duval Street).

Rainbow Springs State Park (2013)

Rainbow is the 4th biggest spring in Florida. Popular activities are canoeing, snorkling ans swimming. 10.000 year old archeological remains have been found, so the area has been in use by people for a long time. Not one of our favorites.

Georgia: Atlanta (2013)​

Centennial Olympic Park and Pemberton Place are the main toeristi attractions in Atlanta. Here you can find the Coca Cola museum and the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium successfully houses manta rays and whale sharks.