Nevada Locations

Things to do in Nevada in alphabetic order, click topic to view details


Lake Mead (2009)

During the drive back to Los Angeles in 2009, we looked around a bit, and fed the fishes.

Las Vegas (2009, 2014, 2017)

In Las Vegas there is always something to do and see. The  casinos on the Strip really do their best to attract customers by offering all kinds of entertainment: shows, shops, restaurants, attractive hotel fronts, etc. Best time of day to roam, is during the evening when the city is illuminated. In June 2009, we stayed one street off the Strip, in one of the standard hotel chains. In December and May 2014 we upgraded a bit, to the hart of the action: the Venitian hotel that is located directly on the strip. In April 2017 we wanted to be closer to other side of the Strip, and we chose the New York-New York hotel & casino. The Venetian is preferable, it is a newer and nicer hotel.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (2014)

Red Rock Canyon, as the name suggests, is a park with red rocks. It is very close to Las Vegas. A scenic drive leads through the park, ans some nice hikes can be made.

Valley of Fire State Park (2009, 2014, 2017)

We have visited the Valley of Fire three times. In 2009 we did a few short walks, of maximum 1,5 miles (Mouse’s tank, the “hite Domes” trail en we visited some of the arches. In 2014 we went back to find a smal wind-carved arch along the scenic drive around the campside and to find the Fire Wave. In 2017 we went back for a pancacke like rock formation, a pink slot canyon and the Fire Wave. We did a re-visit of the “White Domes” trail.