Oregon Locations

Things to do in Oregon in alphabetic order, click topic to view details


Columbia River Gorge (2015)

Historic route 30, or Columbia River Gorge houses Oregon’s most spectacular waterfalls. Many can be seen, some directly next to the road, some visible after a (short) hike.

Crater Lake National Park (Oregon) (2015)

Crater lake is group of collapsed volcanos. In this collaps water has been collected for millennia. Nowadays a lake in the volcano crater has formed. From the middle of the volcano lake a new volcano has emerged: Wizard Island. Things to are mainly the viewpoints on the crater rim. At one point a trail gives access to the water.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (2015)

We visited the “Painted Dunes unit”. 2 more parts of the park can be found more to the East in Oregon.

Mount Hood National Forest (2015)

We selected 3 hikes: Sahalie Falls (mountain meadows), Mirror Lake and Trillium Lake. All hikes were a bit disappointing. Trails were mainly in the woods, supplying little or no spectacular views on the mountain. THe best one was the Trillium Lake loop trail, due to the reflection in the lake.

Newberry Volcanic National Monument (2015)m

LNewberry is an area with an interesting obsedian flow.

Oregon Coast (2015)

Beach area’s around Bandon have some intersting rock features.