Washington Locations

Things to do in Washington in alphabetic order, click topic to view details


Bainbridge Island (2017)

Bloedel Reserve is a 150 acre forest garden on Bainbridge Island. The house and gardens are open to the public. It is located close to Poulsbo, a quaint old village in the north of Bainbridge Island.

Mount Rainier National Park (2015, 2017)

Mount Rainier is one the still active volcanos in Washington. However, there is no activity visible for visiting tourists.
We have visited the park a few times, but usually the weather was very foggy, so it was not possible to see the top of the mountain. In 2015 our luck finally changed. We visited in the autumn and the weather was splendid! The area was extremely beautiful with all the fall-colors. In 2017 we wanted to repeat the experience, but it was different altogether. Early snow changed Mount Rainier into a winter wonderland. Also very pretty!

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (2015)

Mount St. Helens last eruption dates from 1980. It is predicted to be the first one to erupt again. A new cone is growing in the crater.
We have visited the park a few times before, mostly during Spring. This Fall-visit, was the first time we were really able to see the mountain. We did the hike to a Spirit Lake view point. It was not an easy one, but very much worth the effort.

New Dungeness Lighthouse and Spit (2011)

The lighthouse can be reached after a 5 mile walk along the beach of New Dungeness Spit. The Spit is a narrow sandy outcrop into the ocean.

North Cascades National Park (2015)

We have visited North Cascades twice, and probably this was the last time. For us it is just not interesting enough. Trails mainly run through forests. There are no spectacular views like in other places.

Olympic National Park (1997, 2017)

This park supports various different habitats: rain forest, snowy Alpine mountains (Hurricane Ridge), and the beach with tidal pools. Our first visit was in 1997. So time for a re-visit in 2017. We spent 3 whole days in the park and enjoyed every minute of it. We still only saw a very small part.

Port Gamble (2017)

Port Gamble is a qaint little town.

Seattle (2015, 2017)

In 2015 we actually visited Seattle for the first time, usually we just passed it on our way to the national parks.
Kerry Park is the top-spot for the famous views of the city and Mount Rainier in the distance. The Space Needle is worth a visit, and the Boeing factory and museum in Everett as well.
Close to Seattle is Blake Island State Park. First nation people show an interesting performance. Additionally a small museum and some beaches can be visited.
Our second visit was in 2017,  at the time we passed through and only went to Kerry Park.

Snoqualmie (2017)

The village is very suitable to visit with children. Close to the village a waterfal can be seen. The old train station of Snoqualmie has a small museum, trains, and the option to do a train ride in a historic train.